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Monday, 8 March 2010




From years of campaigning and meeting and speaking to the thousands of people at our (SACL) monthly Demos it is quite clear that the vast majority of the Scottish public regard the Scottish Legal system with a combination of contempt and fear on the grounds that it is very very corrupt but at the same time, very, very powerful in Scotland.

The report on the most recent meeting, at the Crown Office in Edinburgh on Thursday 04-Mar-2010, can be seen at CLICK HERE

It follows therefore that the Scottish people would welcome all the help they are offered to break this malign legal tyranny; even at the cost of short term discomfort to themselves from wherever it is offered.

The HOLLIE (AND ANNE) GREIG Saga affords a wonderful opportunity to break the tyranny oppressing and persecuting the Scottish people at the present time.

Also The Elaine GROSSART case which has all the appearances of abuse, and abuse of the Courts by a man BUYING the Law he can well afford.
For an outline of this case see the links at CLICK HERE

For More Details CLICK HERE for an article in The Scotsman
There is a great deal more on this case and for details of her ex-husband see CLICK HERE

though sometimes they present a challenge!

Given that the Scottish government, which has powers over internal affairs of Scotland only (as defined within the New Constitution of 01-Dec-2010 eventually granting the EU near absolute authority over Scotland with no meaningful representation!), has failed to take any action against the endemic and systemic corrupt in the Scottish Legal System despite repeated calls to do so over the last 13 years and not least from SACL, we (Hollie and Anne Greig, and their legions of supporters, Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers and other groups like it) ask the outside world to help us to force the Scottish Government to take decisive action to remedy this appalling state of affairs in Scotland.

Please note appart from these two cases cited there was:
Lord Cullen's corruption of The Dunblane Massacre
The cover-up of abuse at Queen Victoria Boys School
The exposure of the Magic Circle Paedophile Ring
The Cover-up of the activities of Thomas Hamilton
The murder of Willie McRae

The falsification and stitch up over Lockerbie
The apparent murder of Robert Greig
The Skye Bridge Scam

Why is The Speculative Society of Edinburgh so frequently pivotal?

The words >scotland corruption< in Google returns 16,300,000 hits! (3 per inhabitant!)
The words >scotland crooked lawyers< returns 224,000 (More Than 22 per Lawyer!!)
>scotland paedophile< 83,500 (are there that many children!)
>scotland sex abuse< 771,000
>scotland sexual violence abuse< 80,300
>scotland satanism< 982,000 (about 1 per 6 of the population)
>scotland sexual violence abuse child< 179,000
>scotland sexual abuse child< 471,000 (Just under 1 per 10 of the population!)
>scotland satan< 1,030,000 (1 per 5 of the population!)
>scotland rape< 1,660,000 (1 per 1.5 females of ALL ages!)

We place no great reliance on these figures, and those in red are merely to give a perspective and are realistically meaningless! If it isn't happening what has gone wrong in Scotland that people believe it is?

With around 8,000 people in prison on any one day in Scotland and the crimes listed above which do NOT include burglary, theft, fraud, Bankers, Lawyers etc. - it is a huge catalogue of crime yet clearly the Police and the entire Scottish Legal System is endemically and systematically failing on all fronts, it is clear the motto is "what criminals we are tough on the victims".

Is it surprising with these rich pickings the lawyers can by incestuously co-operating with eachother pass wealthy clients one to another for fleecing and protect those they wish to protect.

There were over 17,000 Police in Scotland but that number is falling under SNP control.
The Scottish Law Society claims about 10,742 on the roll (I should say so!), +21,000 employed in private practices!

Of 5.168 million being the population of Scotland over 600,000 work in one sense or another for the Government and its Kleptocratic QUANGOcracy.

FOR PERSPECTIVE: The average attendance last season at Rangers home games was 49,389 yet Murray International who own them seemingly have borrowings from chums at RBS of £1 BILLION at a fixed rate of base rate - that is a bit like Scotland's economy - A COMPLETE FAILURE borrowing of over £20,000 per fan who attends @ £25 per ticket per game assuming a 50% profit that means they must attend 16,000 games each!

Something has gone massively and tragicly wrong with Scotland and much of the problem seems to emmanate from The Crown Office, Lawyers, The Courts and Perversion - poth of a sexual and/or relationship level and of the very tennets of Justice.

These problems are typified by the two exemplars provided:

The case of Hllie & Anne Greig
The Case of Elaine Grossart and her seemingly vile and over indulged abusive ex husband Hamish Grossart (the divorce was granted AGAINST Hamish Grossart for his physical, emotional and sexual abuse - yet seemingly because he can afford to he has bought sufficient law to abuse the Courts to continue this abuse with their assistance)

Clearly there are many more cases - concentrate on these two and at a later stage we can expand the field.

No lawyer in Scotland can afford to feel complacent!

To HELP CHANGE this we encourage people all over the world to take the following concrete steps:

ONE: Boycott Scotland as a tourist destination (eg: no golfing holidays in Scotland ... go to England, Wales or Ireland instead).

TWO: Boycott all Scottish goods when effecting your purchases (eg: Purchase Irish, Jack Daniels or Suntory whisky instead of Scotch, the Japanese make far more whisky than Scotland drink theirs - include Scottish textiles, leather, meat, print & publishing).

THREE: That people consider dis-investing in Scotland. Stop any investment considerations immediately, until further notice.

FOUR: Inundate prominent people in Scotland who are in a position to effect such changes with a torrent of correspondence.

Here we suggest, in a flatering descending order of importance, the following:

Mr A Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland,
Mr K McAskill, the Minister of Justice,
Ian Gray, the Leader of the Labour Party in Scotland,
Tavish Scott the Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party,
Ms Annabel Goldie, the Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party,
Ms Elish Angiolini, the Lord Advocate of Scotland (Head of the Crown Office),
Lord Hamilton, the senior Law-lord of Scotland AND SO ON.
(With e-mail Addresses).
Also the Office of Fair Trading and Which magazine who have long called for the reform of the Scottish Legal system.

Your personal choice of Scottish papers.

Full list of people to write to with their contact details will be made available on the Internet here shortly.


ONE: Justice for Hollie and Anne Greig and all other victims of paedophile crime in Scotland.
& a clear and transparent investigation of The Grossart case, in full public view.

TWO: That a Commission of Inquiry consisting of Eminent Persons who have no connection whatever with Scotland be established by the Scottish government with the following remit:

1. To establish how many Paedophiles, Rapists, Fraudsters, Perverters of the course of Justice and Practitioners of all other types of crime are actively working as Judges, Advocates, Solicitors, Court Clerks for and/or within the Scottish Legal system.

2. To then make recommendations to the Scottish Government on the best way of prosecuting those it has found to have been indulging in such criminal activity to ensure that
FIRSTLY: They pay the victims of their criminal activity punitive compensation and are sequestrated if needs be for this purpose and
SECONDLY: They are given lengthy jail sentences, sentences that fit the crimes they have committed.

THREE: That the Scottish government does away with the present system of Lawyers regulating themselves and institutes a system whereby lawyers are regulated by a group of Eminent Persons of known probity to regulate every aspect of the Scottish Legal system including the conduct of Judges, Advocates, Solicitors, Court Clerks and so on. The Remit of this group would be to ensure that the Scottish Public have quick and access to Justice at nominal cost.

FOUR: That the Scottish government institutes steps to abolish the present Legal system in Scotland and replace it with one that enables the Scottish (and other) Public quick and easy access to Justice at nominal cost.

CONCLUSION: We do not intend to lift our campaign as outlined above until the Scottish government convinces us that it takes our demands seriously and at the absolute minimum sees to it that Hollie Greig and the other victims of paedophiles (whether or not of the legal variety) are given the Justice and Redress they seek and so fully deserve. This is our minimum requirement for us to lift our campaign.

We are waiting to hear from you Mr Salmond, et al.
Please reply to:
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