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Wednesday, 3 March 2010



In principle the Hollie team very much welcome the support and interest of Peter Eyer, The Palestine Telegraph and so many others. Thank you to you all, particularly those suffering in Palestine from the oppressive regime which has done Palestine such harm and brought such suffering in their Zionist land and power grab and others with their own burden to bear who have so generously given time and support to the campaign.

We welcome the idea of a mass public involvement - but feel that a demonstration over Hollie's case and the corrupt justice, legal and governance system in the Scottish Regional Assemblies area of influence must be considered seriously.

We do question however the wisdom of a mass protest in London as we do think that it would be difficult to mobilise enough supporters; that were truelly involved, though they may care deeply; in London - so far from Aberdeen.

It also seems terribly unfair to disrupt the lives of ordinary Londoners by inconveniencing them with a demonstration - the very people we look to for help and support.

We also believe it would prove difficult to organise the relevant police and London EU Assembly licenses to organise a central London march/protest.

We also appreciate the complete irrelevance of petitioning Downing Street and consider the more legally valid deposit of a petition in Parliament to the Speaker's Chair by a designated MP would be much more appropriate at a later stage.

Since Hollie, Anne & Robert are all too well aware of the risks of placing themselves voluntarily in the Juristiction of the corrupt Scottish EU Regional Assemblies control and in view of the distances involved it  is felt that it would be more appropriate to organise an event for supporters to meet Hollie & Anne Greig and Robert Green and to give them the opportunity to thank their supporters at a central location just south of the border at Berwick on Tweed.

More details of this and a proposed campaign of civil and lawful intellectual damage to the economy of Scotland, to force change and work towards protecting the abused and erradicating the corruption - in Hollie's name - may well be further considered and details will be posted on the OFFICIAL campaigning and funding site at Justice4Hollie as and when plans are a little more advanced.

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  1. Have the English Bishops been made aware? they can ask a question etc in the House of Lords! Just a thought.