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Saturday, 1 May 2010



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  1. Can someone please explain what the writing in the green column means? Someone seems to be saying that Anne Greig is behaving in a dishonourable way??

  2. Hi,

    I believe that what I wrote in the 'Green' column is, short of a book, self explanatory.

    IF you require more information may I suggest you seek ity out at:

    I do hope this helps to clarify.

    Greg L-W.

  3. Sorry.."self explanatory" wont wash. Either the kid was sexually abused or she was not sexually abused. Vague allusions as to Ann Greig's honesty and her brother's alleged suicide not withstanding.Are we as an outraged citizenry meant to just say "Fuck it ! it was all a pack of lies" ?? And that Robert Green being jailed was normal judicial behaviour ?
    My friend, you have done a great service in exposing, and have given freely of your time on this matter but,a tidal wave cannot be halted by telling it to go away!
    Abi Freeman

  4. abigail106 - within the framework of defamation both in legal and moral terms it is not acceptable for me to state outright that there IS no evidence of sexual abuse - However it is entirely acceptable to state there is no substantive OR corroborated evidence of sexual abuse.

    It is PERFECTLY NORMAL that someone accusing and naming individuals as abusers or victims without a shred of sound evidence WILL be arrested and put before the Court.

    At the moment without some fancy footwork and presentation of at least SOME evidence I believe there is every probability in respect of Justice4Individuals Robert Green should/will be encarcerated for having falsely accused individuals without sufficient evidence.

    A greater body of facts can be found at:

    I suggest a more detailed study of the facts may dispel much of the fantasy surrounding this issue and the sooner the 'tidal wave' subsides and the opinions of the ill informed are silenced the better the chances of keeping Hollie out of care her Mother free of required medical treatment and Robert out of prison!

    Greg L-W.

  5. If these people did what is claimed then evidence will exist because people this vile and sick would incriminate themselves by recording it so they could play it back and relive the experience.

    There are ways and means to see if this evidence exists and, if verified, gather the evidence. But a clandestine operation comes with inherent risks.

    I can help but it won't be pretty.

  6. Hi,

    I won't shut off comments on this blog but I'm unlikely to respond - before commenting here PLEASE read the background and the FACTS on the linked site for StolenKids-Hollie.

    It is now clear that the only indisputable criminals are those who have slandered, libeled and defamed with NO EVIDENCE.

    The other site has the relevant details - There is absolutely no evidence, medical forensic or physical in damage or laundry over 14 years that Hollie has EVER had sex with anyone.

    We have ONLY Anne Greig's deeply suspect word for this and there is absolutely NO substantive or corroborated evidence.

    It is clearly questionable whether Hollie has the vaguest idea what this is all about and it seems likely she has a mental age of around 5.

    Hollie Greig is a vulnerable adult, as is her seemingly very disturbed Mother and as you will see on the other blog I have asked Social Services to intervene as I believe both Anne & Hollie are at risk and have been exploited.

    I fear the potential for a very sad outcome.

    I am available and open to any reasonable questioning by phone or by eMail as the aim is Justice and the Truth EXACTLY as it has been all along.

    The safety and security of Hollie and Anne must be paramount and you will see from the huge amount of factual detail on the other blog why I believe that Social Services should take both Anne & Hollie into a place of care for a period TOGETHER and why I believe Robert Green should be taken out of circulation as a dangerous and irresponsible menace in society.

    An evil and untrustworthy man of dangerous perversions, who needs prison AND medical treatment.

    01291 - 62 65 62